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      There are many nutritional supplements that aide and accelerate body-fat loss. These supplements alone are not the answer. For them to be the most effective, you must have the right nutritional eating plan for your individual needs.

The following are just a few of the many
"fat burning" supplements available today:


Chromium has gained a great deal of attention as a weight-loss aid. One of the key methods for enhancing weight loss is to increase the sensitivity of the body's cells to the hormone insulin. Insulin plays a critical role in maintaining proper blood-sugar and stimulating thermogenesis. Chromium supplementation lowers body weight yet increases lean body mass, presumably because of increased insulin sensitivity.

This nonessential amino acid is a very popular "fat burning" supplement in the sports nutrition market. Research shows that carnitine has a dramatic effect on fat metabolism and the reduction of blood fats, like triglycerides. Carnitine is also responsible for transferring fatty acids across cell membranes to the mitochondria (the furnace of the cell), where they can be used as energy.

Pyruvate is a compound that occurs naturally in the body and is the end product of the metabolism of sugar and starch. Pyruvate has the ability to increase endurance and fat loss. Studies show that Pyruvate boosts endurance and speeds fat loss.

Yohimbe or Yohimbine Hydrochloride (HCL), has been used in the medical profession for years to treat male impotence. Its action appears to increase the flow of blood as well as to increase libido and it's even been written in the Physician's Desk Reference that it "may have activity as an aphrodisiac". It has also been shown to actually decrease fat synthesis in the body as well as increase fatty acid mobilization from fat stores in women (especially in the hips). The combination of these two effects may, indeed, position this herb/chemical as a viable aid to body fat loss.

Ma Huang
Ma Huang has been shown to possess the ability to increase the rate of fat loss, abuse of this herb has received a lot of attention lately due to side effects with over usage, i.e., headaches, dry mouth, increased heart rate, etc. When used properly and in combination with the right companion herbs, Ma Huang is not only safe, but also extremely effective. It must be combined with other herbs, such as Kola Nut and White Willow, to promote fat loss. There are products on the market that already have the combinations "built-in"so it takes the guesswork out of combining and how much to use. Do not use this herb without first consulting with a doctor.