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Stress Relief





stress relief

     "Who has time to worry about stress? If we had time to manage our stress, we would not be stressed in the first place!" funny maybe, but true. Stress has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune system disorders, certain cancers, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity and more.

      Many stress researchers believe that everyone has the same amount of stress in their body and the key is to learn how to deal with the stress appropriately. Being unable to control or handle stress properly can lead to many emotional, mental and physical problems. All people are different and what relieves the pressures of stress from one person may not always have the same result in someone else. This section suggests a
few methods that have assisted many to cope with stress and we encourage you to discover if it works for you. Generally, one or all the stress relief methods addressed will assist you to some degree in handling your stress.

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     Whether you choose to use our suggested stress relief methods or something else, handling your body's stress is imperative for a long and healthy life.
     One of the best ways to relieve or prevent the build up of stress is through exercise. Start now by getting an exercise mat and put it where you will see it every day... to remind you to use it.