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Vegetarians and Amino Acids



     Protein is comprised of amino acids. There are 23 different amino acids present in nature. We require just ten of them, in the right amounts and combinations in our diet to maintain proper health and vitality. If any one of the ten essential amino acids is missing, you may still have a type of protein, but not one that is useable to a human body.

     Most vegetarians have decreasing levels of health due to lack of essential amino acids in their diet. Most vegetarians have a process going on in their bodies called catabolism - the breaking down of protein tissues within the body to supply needed protein in other parts of the body - a highly undesirable situation.

     It is only the well-educated vegetarian that understands how to properly combine specific foods and supplements to achieve proper protein intake. Therefore, it is only the well-educated vegetarian who can hope to maintain a decent level of health.