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Top 10 Risk Factors Reduced By Regular Exercise
1. Premature Death
2. Cardiovascular Disease
3. Coronary Artery Disease
4. High Blood Pressure
5. Colon Cancer
6. Obesity
7. Osteoarthritis
8. Osteoporosis
9. Non-Insulin-Dependent Mellitus
10. Mood Disorders

10 Activities That Burn "Mucho" Calories
1. Jumping Rope
2. Running (7 minute mile pace or faster)
3. Cross Country Skiing
4. Chasing your 5 year old through Toys "R" Us
5. High Impact Step Aerobics
6. Stationary Biking (Spinning, Power Pacing, etc.)
7. Kickboxing
8. Swimming
9. Running Stairs
10. The Versa Climber

Whether you want to "stay fit", get fit, rehabilitate, or relieve stress, exercise is a must.