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Benefits of Eating Healthy


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Why Exercise?

Why should you consider consulting a professional nutritionist? Listed below are just some of the likely benefits of eating "healthy"

•Lower total cholesterol
•Higher HDL cholesterol
•Lower LDL cholesterol
•Higher energy levels
•Improved sleep
•Better concentration
•More stamina
•Of course, loss of body fat (if needed)
•Improved appearance
•Longer lifespan
•Decreased occurrence of illness
•Shorter duration of illness when it does take place
•Softer skin
•Better hair
•Stronger heart
•Improved digestion
•No lethargy after meals
•Delayed menopause
•Less acne
•Regular bowel movements
•Decreased risk of heart disease
•Decreased risk of cancer
•Fewer visits to doctors
•Better self image
•Improved attitude towards others
•Less severe PMS
•Increased ability to fight infections
•Decreased risk and occurrence of prostate trouble
•Enhanced athletic performance
•Better performance in the workplace
•Improved memory

Certainly, this is not the entire list, but you are beginning to see the light… Now Eat!