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      Be aware of products that offer weight loss through pills. Many of these so-called "pill diets" make empty promises by telling you that you don't have to change your nutritional habits. They claim that while taking these pills you can eat what ever you want and still lose weight. I know this sounds great, in fact, it's probably exactly what you want to hear and that's why they're saying it. Unfortunately, they don't tell you everything.

       These diet products are designed for quick weight loss and in most cases you will sabotage your metabolism and gain more body fat in the long-term. One example being the much talked about and much overused drug combination phen/fen. These diet pills were later proven not only to cause heart valve problems in some individuals, but in a few cases, death. It should also be noted that, most people who stopped using the drug (when taken off the market), gained all the weight back and then some.
     There is no "quick fix" when it comes to losing weight, it will take hard work and determination to reach your goal but it can be done - you can be trim and live a longer, healthier life.