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Good Food, Good Sex, Good Life

Sexy Foods

Vitamins, Minerals and Sex

good food, good sex, good life

     Most of us have heard people comment about how eating certain foods can act as an aphrodisiac or foods that would stimulate their sex lives in some way, but is all of this nonsense or are some foods really fuel for sex?

    I don't know if pheromone sprays really help our sex lives, but some foods really can stimulate your libido.

coffee and sex
Cup of Joe to the Rescue.
     Studies have shown that people who have at least 1 cup of coffee a day are nearly twice as likely to characterize themselves as sexually active. Another explanation is that it eliminates the "I'm too tired" excuse by keeping you awake. It should also be noted, those who drink more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day may become nervous and edgy from the caffeine.
  food and sex Celery Sweat is Sexy.
     Some researchers believe that the male hormone androsterone, which is also found in celery, attracts women. It is believed that androsterone is released through perspiration after eating, so be sure to choose the right setting when eating celery. Give it a try, after all what's the down side, if it doesn't work you were simply eating healthy?
Oysters and zinc
More Oysters Please.
     Zinc has been linked to male fertility, potency, sex drive, sustained sexual health and is essential to sperm production. The daily requirement for zinc can be gained by eating one oyster. Turkey, lean beef, cereals, and beans are other good sources for zinc.