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Fitness Training

A Balanced Approach

Is a Personal Trainer the right choice for you?



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    Walking. Walking is free, requires little equipment other than a good pair of shoes and some loose clothing and has been proven to have a positive effect in weight loss and reducing mortality from heart disease. One limitation with walking is the length of time required to 'burn' sufficient calories. Walkers typically burn between 300 and 500 K/cal per hour - this equates to about 10 hours of walking to burn one pound. Walking by itself will probably have little effect as a weight loss technique, but it is definitely a 'step' in the right direction.

      Motivation. The first myth about motivation is that, like showering, the effect is not permanent. We've all heard motivational speakers or even a movie perhaps that has motivated us - only to be completely forgotten about a couple days later. People are motivated in different ways. Spend time to discover what truly motivates you and use it to your advantage every day. If you are like many of us this means you need a personal trainer or coach to assist you. Whatever it is - go do it.

      Comfort. If you are not in a comfortable environment and don't have a comfortable exercise mat it will give you another excuse not to work out. So, be sure to get the right fitness mat, yoga mat or pilates mat... whatever is best suited for you.

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