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Fitness Training

A Balanced Approach

Is a Personal Trainer the right choice for you?



Become a
Certified Personal Trainer


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     It is our goal to develop the skills, within all of those taking the certification course, that will allow them to be able to recognize and evaluate the day to day needs of their clientele. The Certification will provide all the essential information and knowledge needed to be a true professional in the fitness industry.

    An internationally recognized certification confirms your commitment to an industry-recognized standard and gives you the opportunity to educate, motivate and train others, while you jump-start an exciting and rewarding career. The American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) has a great step-by-step guide on what you need to do to become certified.

We recommend that you allocate 3 to 6 months to study for the exam, depending on your background.

Prepare for the Certification Exam
with Manuals and Study Materials:

The Personal Trainer Manual was developed and written by 18 of the industry’s top experts, and is an excellent resource for personal trainers, covering everything from anatomy to training techniques, injury prevention, emergency techniques and legal issues. ($44.95)

The Study Guide is a comprehensive guide taking you through the Manual chapter-by-chapter, allowing you to identify weaknesses in knowledge or practical experience and focus your studies. ($24.95)

The Sample Test Sixty questions representative of the actual ACE exam. It mirrors the format, difficulty level and topics of the real exam. ($14.95)

Starting and Growing A Personal Training Business, an essential guide for successfully starting, organizing and managing a personal training business. Takes you step-by-step from developing a mission statement, and setting your fees to promoting your business and providing initial consultation. 27 pages, including photos. ($7.95)

The Personal Trainer Home Study Kit
, you can study for the Personal Trainer exam on your own schedule. With this package you'll receive the following: 140-page Home Study Guide flashcards six 30-minute audiocassettes 12- and 20-week planners free consultation self-guided online review questions. ($220.00)

Buy Combo Packages and Save:

Essentials Package includes The Personal Trainer Manual, Study Guide, and Sample Test ($74.85)

Complete Program:
Personal Trainer Home Study Program includes, The Personal Trainer manual, the Master the Manual Study Guide, Sample Test, 160-page Home Study Guide, flashcards, six 30-minute audiocassettes, 12- and 20-week planners, free consultation, self-guided online review questions. ($295.00)