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Tips For Eating Well

Snack Attack





low fat snacks

      If you are eating properly, you will not need to snack very much, but for those times when you do snack keep the following in mind:

•The best snacks are the ones that do not raise your blood sugars.

•Protein type snacks: Turkey jerky, Ahi Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, etc., Be aware of sodium nitrates and excess sugar in these products. We recommend J.C. Rivers Jerky.

•A good treat for the video at home crowd would be air popped popcorn (must be air popped) an old-fashioned air popper works the best.

•You might want to drive by your local yogurt store and try some Carbolite or Simply 8 or even Gise Frozen Yogurt.

Snacking correctly is a crucial component of your daily diet and learning to snack properly can be extremely beneficial to your overall nutrition.